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Myths Buster | Auditing

We spend a lot of time researching and listening to our clients and so called 'experts' in the field of ISO Standards and thought, well hoped that we could clarify a few things and help dispel many common miss-conceptions associated with the perception of auditing management systems.

Myth #1;

"The auditor is only interested in our procedures."

Buster #1;

A good auditor will be more interested in the process behind the procedures, how effective these are and how they have been planned, implemented, monitored and reviewed.

Myth #2;

"Auditing is the policing of our system."

Buster #2;

Auditing should be seen as a positive business activity to establish whether your system is being carried out to your planned arrangements.


Myth #3;

"A trick to avoid answering a question from an auditor is to change the subject and keep talking until he forgets what he has asked."

Buster #3;

Professional auditors know exactly what they need to evidence to determine whether or not the management system conforms to the requirements of any given standard being audited, no amount of talking or changing the subject will detract them from this. ​


Myth #4;

"I'm very convincing and quite intimidating, the auditor will listen to what I tell him."

Buster #4;

Yes, the auditor is trained to listen, he / she will, then only accept it as fact once he has examined objective evidence.


Myth #5;

"I will just show the auditor the records that I have prepared."

Buster #5;

The auditor will select and sample records him/herself to satisfy that a requirement has been met.


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