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Health & Safety training for your employees

Our courses have been designed to give a good awareness and everything your employees need to know in under 1 hour, this has been done to give minimum disruption to your employees work days.


We know that skill development in the workplace is the key to improving a company's performance. That's why our e-learning courses don't just engage your staff, they help empower them to be the best at whatever skill they choose.


Whether it's mandatory courses to meet the required needs or extra skills to help better the workplace, our e-learning courses are designed to help! From off the shelf ready-to-go video training courses, to fully tailored video training courses, we fit your employee training needs!

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Abrasive Wheel 


This Abrasive Wheels online training course raises awareness of the dangers associated with Abrasive Wheels and the practical steps that can be taken to minimise and control the risks that working with Abrasive Wheels present.

Metal Grinder Tool
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Awareness of

Health & Safety at Work

These modules are designed to provide basic health and safety knowledge and an awareness of essential workplace health and safety issues.

Staff Meeting
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Display Screen and Workstation Assessment

This course has been developed to enable organisations comply with the law by providing learners with an increased understanding of health and safety relating to display screen equipment and workstations.

Image by Sigmund
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Fire Safety Training

This course is targeted at businesses needing to train their staff in fire safety procedures. However, it is also applicable to anyone who wishes to learn how to prevent fire in the workplace and deal with it effectively should it occur.

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Infection Prevention & Control

In this short course we will look at how you can contribute to infection prevention and control in your workplace by taking appropriate precautions and understanding your responsibilities.

Image by CDC
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Manual Handling in the Workplace

This module will provide people at any level and in any sector, with guidance that will help them to handle objects safely whilst minimising the risk of injury.

Delivery Men
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Mental Health

Training for Managers

This Mental Health Awareness for Managers course will help managers recognise the common mental health issues that can affect workers and will help them decide on the appropriate action to take.

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Personal Safety for

Lone Workers

Personal safety for lone workers is of prime importance. Every day in the UK, thousands of workers will be exposed to situations in which their safety could be put at risk, when they are left alone with customers or other members of the public.

Image by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu
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Working at Height

In this course, we’ll cover current legislation around working at heights and the equipment you’ll need, along with some more specific precautions to bear in mind when working with ladders, scaffolds and on roofs.

Drilling Metal
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Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos may be present in buildings that were built, or refurbished, up until the year 2000. This Asbestos Awareness online training course raises awareness of the dangers associated with asbestos so that the risk of exposure can be reduced.

Removing Asbestos Roofing
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COSHH Training

This online COSHH training course has been created to provide people at any level and in any sector, with guidance that will help them to work safely with substances that are hazardous to health and comply with COSHH regulations.

Image by National Cancer Institute
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Fire Marshal & Warden Training

Whatever the organisation or premise, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires employers to have a fire safety strategy, which will allow all occupants to evacuated safely in the case of a fire.

Fire Alarm
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First Aid | Primary Survey

This course is designed for anyone who may find themselves the first person at the scene of an incident involving a casualty. This may include a workplace environment - including shops, restaurants or in an office - whilst volunteering, or in a personal capacity such as an accident or an incident at home.

First Aid Kit
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Ladder Inspection Awareness Training

This ladder inspection awareness course has been created to give you and your staff the knowledge to undertake basic ladder inspection tasks.

Climbing a Ladder
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Mental Health

Awareness Training

This Mental Health Awareness course will help you recognise the common mental health issues that can affect people and will help you decide on the appropriate action to take.

Thinking Man on Couch
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Method Statement

Awareness Course

This course serves as a quick, simple, effective way of explaining how to develop, implement and maintain a method statement. It also describes what to look out for if you are responsible for checking method statements prepared by others.

Construction Management
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Risk Assessment

This module will provide people at any level and in any sector with the guidance that will help them to carry out risk assessments.

Construction Pre-Planning
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