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Legislation Changes

Here at ISO Systems UK we are continually working hard keeping up-to-date with current legislation. Here's a list of the NEWEST summaries for the following pieces of legislation that are now available:

· Chemicals, health and safety and genetically modified organisms, contained use, EU exit Amendment etc, regulations : including correction Apr 21 2020

· Construction, design and management Regulations 2015

· Employment rights, EU exit Amendment, regulations 2019

· Environment, EU exit Amendment etc, regulations 2019

· Hazardous waste, England and Wales Regulations 2005

· Health protection, Coronavirus, restrictions, steps etc, England Revocation and amendment, regulations 2021

· Health and safety information for employees Regulations 1989

· Heat networks, Scotland Act : includes correction Jun 21 2021

· Personal protective equipment at work Amendment, regulations : draft 2021

· Reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences Regulations 2013

· Supply of machinery, safety Regulations 2008

· Waste electrical and electronic equipment Regulations 2013

· Waste, England and Wales Regulations 2011

· Working time, Coronavirus Amendment, regulations 2020

· Working time, England Amendment, regulations 2013


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