Updated: 05/11/2020

Policy Statement: Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)


ISO Systems UK takes the threat posed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic seriously, but we need to manage this to ensure business operations are effective and efficient, while protecting our clients and ourselves.


Our full, comprehensive policy is available on request.

Our approach is based on guidance from the following sources:



Our approach as a business


We have made changes in how we operate as a result of COVID-19. We continue to serve our clients and fulfil obligations while meeting government guidelines to ensure we work safely for clients and ourselves. In doing this, we take into account governmental advice coupled with our real-world experiences. Should we or one of our clients cancel or curtail any activity, then our standard contractual terms will be applied regarding any payments made or due.

We expect to continue to fulfil our roles and our obligations to our customers; any changes to this expectation will be informed by government advice and communicated to our clients accordingly.

Consultancy delivery


From a consultancy delivery perspective, the business will take the following approach:

  • We will ask client sites about concerns around contagion.

  • For us attending sites where an outbreak has been confirmed or suspected, we will ask the client to confirm that the relevant precautions as identified by government or international authorities have been taken. Providing this is confirmed by the client, then the work should be discharged as normal.

  • Where necessary and feasible, we will make arrangements to provide consultancy services remotely.


Our online training is unaffected by this policy.